2015 thawing

I’ve had a nice long break from writing now, and would very much like to get back into it. It’s almost shameful to think that in the past ten months I’ve only written two études, less than a thousand words in total, but rather dense, layered writing, which I found a delightful challenge. But the mind needs other things to scratch its itch.

The truth is, that after Readmill’s demise I haven’t found any suitable replacement for my notetaking yet. What Readmill provided was not only a place to highlight and annotate, but to have conversations with other readers on those highlights and annotations, and that sparked a lot of the writing that followed at the end of 2013. Twingl, a browser extension for highlighting and annotating the web, was also invaluable at that stage for helping make connections, especially more so when they had Readmill integration. But now most of my reading takes place in iBooks and Pocket, and the friction of syncing and exporting my notes from service to service, coupled with the lack of a notetaking service that enables note-linking, dampens the whole otherwise-delightful experience of building idea-webs in the mind.

Regardless, I will do my best to write what I can, and look forward to the better integration of various reading, highlighting, and notetaking services.

Some things that I have been up to since the last post:

  1. I’ve upgraded WordPress, updated the theme to Twenty Fifteen, removed most of my customisations. I am increasingly finding the work of customising and shaping my blog to be a tedium, even as I find it more and more important. but I’ve decided to focus these shaping efforts on narrative rather than design, and you will (hopefully soon) see that I’ve directed my writing toward a few consistent narrative themes.
  2. I’ve activated Markdown support for comments and posts, and have ported my posts mostly to Markdown as well. An unillustrious writing history enabled me to complete this in an afternoon.
  3. I’ve been gaming as always, and have a couple more insights that I hope to integrate into my revisiting the ghost’s shell narrative.
  4. I bought a 3D printer, a printrbot Simple Metal, and it has made me revisit quite a few ideas, particularly Bruce Sterling’s ideas on futurism. Maybe another narrative theme on this sometime in the future.

If all goes well, I should have the next post out this weekend. See you then.