A brief summary of branches of Physics

The Nature of Physical Reality – Table 19.1
Significant features in causal description for various branches of physics

This table should be distributed to all Physics first-year undergraduates; Thereupon they are made to memorise it and reproduce it on demand.

The experienced physicist will find this a trivial exercise.


More than 6 years (nay, closer to 7) with Windows XP, and I only just realised that every time I disconnect a USB device, my tablet says fockkkk. In a computerish accent, nonetheless quite clearly and distinguishably, fockkkk.

Killing It Softly

I have a habit of trying to hold the power button for the shortest time possible before the computer performs a hard power down. I never gave too much thought to this until today, when I realised that I still feel queasy about holding down that power button. Pressing down on the windpipe of a whirring, breathing animal, until it ceases all activity, while you watch pensively for further stirring before confirming its state of death.