Good service

When it comes to good service, I see many companies/outlets focus on the outward politeness aspect, sometimes to the exclusion of all others. While the service attitude is important, I beg to differ from this perspective, with an anecdote.

My iPad screen cracked—a result of the iPad’s bedside proximity, a half-awake kureshii, and uncoordination of the half woken state. (Mini-rant on the fragility of modern devices in a near-future post.)

A quick google later, I had the contact numbers of six repair shops; I had not bothered with purchasing a fruity protection plan that costs almost 20% of what I paid for the device sans accessories. Right away I sent out identical SMSes reporting my problem and requesting a quote, in the usual Singaporean terse-verse: “Hi, how much for iPad4 cracked screen repair?” (Economy trumps correctness in terse-verse.)

Within an hour, I had five replies, all by SMS. The first one replied in seven minutes, and gave me the answer to my question: “Hi it’ll cost ____.” Speedy service; great. The second one gave me a price, and and estimated time of repair (1 hour! Wow). Nice.

The third one gave me the shortest reply of all, just a number. Perhaps rude to some, but as a geek myself this is the kind of answer I don’t mind at all—had they not followed it up with spam: “iRepair MORE THAN 10K FACEBOOK LIKES [etc]”. Guess which repair place is on my blacklist now.

The fourth one asked me to go down to their service centre for them to take a look before they could give me a quotation. Duly ignored.

The fifth one gave me a quote, informed me of the three-month warranty on the replacement part, gave me the addresses and contact numbers of their two outlets, with instructions on how to walk there from the nearest train station, then ended by informing me of their operating hours.

One might consider me a satisficer from this anecdote, and I won’t deny that. My semester starts in two days and I use my iPad almost exclusively in place of printed notes. Luckily for me, the service turned out to be great (and cheap). Kudos to The Repair Hospital, for competent and speedy service, and for knowing how to give customers what they want: timely and pertinent information.