Managing cookies and permissions in 2013: you can do it too!

Maybe most of us have gotten used—a little too used—to letting sites have full javascript and cookie permissions so as to enjoy the Full Web 2.0 Experience™. Having to enable javascript and cookie permissions on a per-site basis? Don’t we all have better things to do with our time?

Well, it’s 2013, and we supposedly now have Modern Web Browsers, stickered all over with the Latest Web Standards, and all that jazz soonandsoforth. Let’s revisit this issue again.

In 2013 we still have sites like The Sun and DailyMail, which still love to hijack our clipboards and insert useless URLs and article synopses. What can we do about that? Disable javascript and cookies on those sites of course (well, disabling javascript will work well enough, but we might as well deny them information along with that). Depending on the browser you use, this could be two clicks, or many more clicks away. How do we do this without having to dig deep into settings each time?

Per-site cookies and permissions in Google Chrome #

Since late last year, site permissions are now visible with one click:

Site info in Google Chrome

One more click to set site-level permissions for plugins, javascript, etc. Cookie permissions take a few more clicks.

Per-site cookies and permissions in Firefox #

Site info in Firefox is one click deeper:

Site info in Firefox

Site permissions in Firefox

Per-site cookies and permissions in IE10 #

In IE10, Cookie management is slightly easier than before:

Site info in IE10

Cookie permissions in IE10

Javascript permissions are still stuck in IE6 days though:

Javascript permissions in IE10

Other browsers #

No Safari screenshots are provided because I do not have a Mac, but contributions are welcome.

There is no longer any reason to have to put up with sites that refuse to respect privacy boundaries, and seek more privileges than they have any right to be granted. Protect yourself, and protect your information.