Porting search engines from Firefox to Chrome/Iron

This is a quick method for those seeking to improve the functionality of Chrome/Iron/other Chromium variants on their system.

If you already have Firefox installed and have been playing around with it, then you probably have quite a list of search engines already added. you can, with some expenditure of effort, bring them over to Chromium/Iron. Here’s how.

  1. Browse to your Firefox profile folder. On most systems, this should be something like C:/Program Files/Mozilla/Firefox/profile (I’m using a portable build so I can’t verify this).
  2. You should see a folder labelled searchplugins. If you see a number of files with extensions ending in .xml, then you’ve hit jackpot :) Those files are search engine configurations, and should be named according to the search engine they are configured for.
  3. Right-click the appropriate .xml file, then “Edit” (or just open it in your text editor of choice). Look for a line with the following:
  4. From the same line, copy the URL that comes after template="…", without the quotation marks.
  5. Right-click on the Location bar in Chrome/Iron, and select “Edit search engines…”. Click “Add”, and a dialog box for adding a new search engine should appear.
  6. Type in a name and keyword of your choice in the first two text entry fields. In the third entry field, paste the URL you copied earlier. Replace &$8220;{searchTerms} in the URL with %s.
  7. Click Ok. You should now be able to search using the search engine in Chrome/Iron, simply by typing in the search keyword, then the search terms to use, separated by a space.

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  1. For non-portable builds, try C:\Documents and Settings\(useraccount)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles

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