Project Osmium: Materials and Hardware

Materials #

The materials of choice are black transparent acrylic, and black anodised aluminium (brushed finish). While I am not particularly inclined towards lighting in my computer cases, I felt it would be nice to have some diffuse white lighting in the case, accentuating particular elements. Black acrylic would show this off nicely, while hiding the internal components behind a mirror finish when the case lights are switched off.

Hardware #

Small form factor here means a micro-ATX form-factor (socket-1156 mini-ITX boards will be a long time in coming…) In addition, I wanted to minimise cost as far as possible, and since I will not be doing heavy overclocking on this setup, it should prove relatively easy to stay on a small budget. This rig will be mainly used for multimedia playback and heavy multitasking, essentially a do-it-all build (excluding gaming; I am not a PC gamer).

The following key components have been picked out so far.

  • Intel Core i7-860
  • Gigabyte P55M-UD2
  • Corsair XMS3-DHX DDR3
  • XFX Radeon HD5750
    The watercooling elements are tentative and may be replaced by other picks sometime.

  • Swiftech MCP350 pump

  • Swiftech MCR220-Rev dual-120mm radiator (built-in reservoir)
  • Dual Noctua NF-P12 for radiator cooling
  • Enermax Enlobal Marathon / Magma for air intake & memory DIMM cooling